ello … and welcome to my own little piece of the internet! I'm glad you stopped by - even if you got here by mistake - and hope you enjoy your stay. While you’re here, please take a few minutes to look around. I've tried to make it as welcoming as possible, but am constantly learning - which means things might change unexpectedly. With any luck, you've come on a day that my need to tinker hasn't backfired on me.

I've been asked why I'd go though all the effort to maintain a website when social media is free and easy, and I think that's a pretty fair question. The only answer I can offer (aside from liking the challenge) is that there are a lot of aspects of the social media thing that never really resonated with me. So, rather than spending my evenings commenting on (and forwarding, and re-posting) the comments of my two thousand closest friends, I can come here when the mood strikes me, relax (well, most of the time), and write about whatever is on my mind.

I'm not selling anything, and generally try to get my point across in as few words as possible - so you won't find a manifesto here and I don't accept credit cards. If you happen to see something you’re interested in though, feel free to drop me an email – I’m happy to share!

Come back whenever you like … my door is always open.