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Logic Fail ...

S o, I find that the world can be divided into two types of people: those who wear graphic tees and those who don't.1 As it happens, I'm one those who don't, which is why it's interesting that I find

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Pythagoras and Fibonacci

A few weeks ago, I was walking through the local B&N, and found A Slice of Pi1. In it, Liz Strachman outlines some of the short mathematical tidbits she would employ as a means to keep her students' attention and interest

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Lame Homework

I f you've read some of my earlier entries, it shouldn't be a mystery that I spend a considerable amount of time thinking about math education. It probably wouldn't surprise you to learn that I'm happy to talk with just

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18th Century Math

I 'm a huge fan of old books.  Textbooks are my favorites, but just about any old book will do - and if it's a lousy book, it will still make for a great decoration.  So, when my dad called

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Apparently, I'm Doing It Wrong ...

A bout a year ago, I signed up to receive the "SAT Question of the Day" from the College Board.  Every day, I get a multiple-choice question delivered to my email account - when I click the answer, it takes

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Poking Holes

F ractals are really awesome.  I realize that sounds just a little hyperbolic, but that doesn't make it untrue.  As a teenager, I had a Julia Set "centerfold" on my wall (courtesy of OMNI Magazine) - I suppose a Grateful

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Fibonacci's Area Problem

A few years ago, a curious series of numbers got a lot of attention. Books were written about them, they played a part in solving crimes on TV, and people who really weren't all that interested in math knew at

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Math Standards and Algorithms

T this fall, my younger daughter starts fourth grade. At the same time, our school district (like many others in Oregon) will begin transitioning our schools to a more stringent set of educational standards. This transition period is important -

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Dodecahedron ...

I wanted to draw a dodecahedron. You know, twelve pentagonal faces, twenty vertices, thirty edges - like the character in The Phantom Tollbooth - my favorite Platonic Solid. So, I grabbed a book and did some refresher reading. Not just

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Keeping It Simple

I was putting my younger daughter to bed the other night, and found her Spring Break math homework tucked under her pillow. Since bedtime is not the best time to discuss homework, I tucked her in and carried the worksheet

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