ust to be completely up-front, I don't have a "target audience." The simple fact is that I write about whatever is on my mind, and sometimes that can be a bit messy. I might come back and amend a post and I'm definitely open to constructive criticism. I've never been very fond of people commandeering somebody else's web space and using it for a pulpit though, so you'll notice I don't have a space for comments. I am working on that ... really. For now, if you email me I will respond.

Upgrade Complete (For Now)

T his month, I started out with the goal of redesigning my site. I liked my theme ... I thought it fit me pretty well, but it was pretty slow loading and not at all responsive to smaller screens. It

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No Mid-Month Entry This Month ...

I 've been a little busy retooling my theme, so I didn't give any thought to what I would write about. Sorry ...

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Genealogy Excuse #9

M ost of the time, when people tell me they haven't studied their family history, they offer some kind of excuse (I don't know why - I'm not judging anybody). One that I get fairly frequently, but still surprises me

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Fibonacci's Area Problem

A few years ago, a curious series of numbers got a lot of attention. Books were written about them, they played a part in solving crimes on TV, and people who really weren't all that interested in math knew at

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What's In A Name?

M y local Family History Center will be reopening soon, after an extensive remodel of the building which houses it. Although I find that I spend more time there working on other people's genealogy than my own, I'm looking forward

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Math Standards and Algorithms

T this fall, my younger daughter starts fourth grade. At the same time, our school district (like many others in Oregon) will begin transitioning our schools to a more stringent set of educational standards. This transition period is important -

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Being A Daddy

O n my first Father's Day after the birth of our younger daughter, I sat down to write a short letter to my girls. The final version was mislaid, and I can't find it now, but I was able to locate

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C urrently, if you were inclined, there are several opportunities to watch individuals (celebrities and non-celebs alike) discover their heritage on television. They always walk away with a new sense of who they are - most of the time, they walk

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Dodecahedron ...

I wanted to draw a dodecahedron. You know, twelve pentagonal faces, twenty vertices, thirty edges - like the character in The Phantom Tollbooth - my favorite Platonic Solid. So, I grabbed a book and did some refresher reading. Not just

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1940 Census

T he 1940 Census images have been available for more than a month. The indexing of those records is well underway, but we still have a long way to go. Just out of curiosity, I tried to locate my four

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